Forced Lesbian Ass Eating

I’ll be posting quite a lot on the subject of eating, licking and sucking ass, commonly known as rimming, although that seems to be more of a gay term for whatever reason. I’ve watched so much porn in my life that the first time I had seen a vid that was called something like “all girl, all anal”, I totally didn’t understand what that was about. It was mostly some ass licking and then the girls fucked each other with strapons. It was pretty good but kind of underwhelming because I love facials and like to see the cum on a pretty girl’s face at the end of the fuck session. Now, fast forward a little bit and I remember seeing a photo shoot in Penthouse – I think it was by photographer Tony Ward, which featured a BDSM scene with two hot sluts which climaxed in the sub getting fucked in the ASS with a strap-on! Now THAT was hot and I jerked off to it a million times, and I’m pissed that I didn’t save that issue for posterity. For my posterior that is. Anyway, it was the BDSM angle and the anal that really did it for me. Which is why I love lesbian strapon sex pretty much only when the dildo goes into the ass! Shit, I got too distracted for my own good and got all hard and horny about strapons, that I forgot about the forced ass licking. OK, let me do a new post… But first enjoy some ass licking and lesbian ass fucking!


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